We are excited to have students back on campus for the Fall 2021 semester.

As we reunite in person, we know many have questions about what to expect from the new “normal-ish.” Watch the student and family forum for important details about vaccination policies, masking and testing requirements, expectations for campus visitors, campus life, the classroom experience, and more

Contact us at healthupdate@babson.edu with any questions.

Last updated Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Any student participating in the in-person campus experience will be required to comply with all applicable College policies, which may evolve as we continue to monitor data, trends, and state guidance.

Download Babson College’s COVID Specific Health and Safety Policy for Students (pdf)

Babson’s goal is to ensure that as many community members as possible are vaccinated. This will allow us to safely return to a more recognizable campus experience while continuing to meet our objective to safeguard the health and well-being of the Babson community.

COVID-19 vaccination is required for all students returning to Babson’s campus this fall, including full-time, part-time, residential, and commuter students.

The July 1 deadline to submit vaccination information has now passed. Students who have not yet submitted documentation of vaccination may be at risk of course registration and/or campus housing assignment cancellation.

Email Health Services or call 781-239-6363 immediately if you have not submitted vaccination documentation.

As you prepare to arrive on campus, there are important steps to take to protect yourselves and others. We recommend all students take two important precautions prior to arriving on campus, regardless of vaccination status:

  • ​​Wear masks indoors and while in any crowded area
  • Avoid densely populated areas whenever possible

Additional guidance is as follows, for those students who are traveling to arrive on campus:

Vaccinated International Travelers

Unvaccinated International Travelers or Partially Vaccinated Students

(including those who have received an exemption or plan to be vaccinated upon arrival):

All students are required to have a Babson PCR test upon arrival to campus, regardless of vaccination status. Tests must be administered within 24 hours of the first time on campus for any activity after August 15. Students who have tested positive within the previous 90 days should email Health Services or call 781-239-6363 and should not be testing.

Schedule a Babson PCR Test »

All students must complete the Semester Location Form by August 26, 2021 (undergraduates) or September 3, 2021 (graduate students) to ensure your arrival to campus is noted for compliance purposes. 

We understand that arrival dates may shift for some students, and the Semester Location Form will remain open for you to update accordingly. If you test prior to the arrival date you provided on the Semester Location Form, you must correct your arrival date on the form in order for the test to count toward your arrival clearance badge.

Please note that to participate in ongoing COVID-19 surveillance testing, all students must complete a consent form. Students received a message from Health Services on Friday, August 13, with access to the form via AdobeSign. Be sure to review, sign, and submit it prior to returning to campus.

Testing and badging processes for all students are as follows:

Fully Vaccinated

  • Complete the Semester Location Form by August 26 (undergraduates) or September 3 (graduate students) to ensure your arrival to campus is noted for compliance purposes. 
  • Complete a Babson PCR test immediately upon arrival to campus (Schedule a Babson PCR Test). We recommend scheduling your Babson PCR test 48 hours prior to your first in-person class or activity.
  • Masks are required indoors through mid-September.
  • Following a negative Babson PCR test, you will receive a one-time clearance badge confirming eligibility for on-campus activities.
  • Weekly (approximately 7 days) asymptomatic surveillance testing will be conducted through September 17 for all community members, regardless of vaccination status.
  • NOTE: Fully vaccinated international travelers should adhere to all CDC international travel guidance. Full campus access upon completion of arrival test.

Not Vaccinated or Partially Vaccinated 

(including medical/religious exemptions and those who plan to be vaccinated upon arrival):

  • Complete the Semester Location Form by August 26 (undergraduates) or September 3 (graduate students) to ensure your arrival to campus is noted for compliance purposes. 
  • Upload a negative result from a test taken within 72 prior to arrival on campus. Submit documentation using the Fall 2021 Test Result form.
  • Complete a Babson PCR test immediately upon arrival to campus (Schedule a Babson PCR Test). We recommend scheduling your Babson PCR test 48 hours prior to your first in-person class to avoid any delay to your academic experience.
  • Students must receive a negative Babson PCR test result (in addition to the 72 hours test ahead of arrival) before attending in-person classes. 
  • Once you have uploaded your off-campus test from 72-hours prior to arrival and received a negative Babson PCR test result, you will receive a clearance badge confirming eligibility for on-campus activities.
  • Masks always must be worn indoors 
  • Weekly asymptomatic testing is required, every 7 days.

All students should continue to follow preventative measures including staying home if sick, handwashing, and sanitizing. 

The Babson Testing Center is located on the second floor of the Webster Center. Please schedule your test in advance and bring a passport, license or OneCard. Additional testing information is available on the Health and Safety page. Please be advised masks are required at the Testing Center, Sports Medicine, and Health Services per CDC guidance.

We anticipate weekly surveillance testing to extend through the end of September and will notify the campus of any changes to that period as we evaluate current data.

Students should test once a week (every 7 days). Schedule a Babson PCR Test.


Babson is extending the indoor masking requirement for all individuals until further notice, regardless of vaccination status. Masking is required in shared indoor spaces where there is a high likelihood of co-mingling, including classrooms, small study rooms and common areas. Masks may be removed in dining areas by individuals who are actively eating or drinking.

All Residential Students

Masks are not required in assigned sleeping rooms, and as needed in residence hall restrooms. Any visitor to campus, regardless of vaccination status is required to wear a mask in all indoor spaces across campus and should be sure to review the visitor protocols.


With guidance from our environmental consultants, the College is once again providing four room-type options for the 2021–2022 academic year: singles, doubles, triples, and quads.

Masks may be removed in residence hall restrooms and by roommates in private sleeping quarters, in addition to when actively eating and/or drinking.

Please visit the Housing section for additional information.


Need to find food? Check out the interactive Campus Dining Map or download the print version.

For hours of operation across campus, visit the hours of operation page or download the Dine on Campus mobile app.

Enhance your dining experiences by utilizing these smartphone apps across campus.

Our Smart Markets are designed to combine modern design and branding trends with the latest snack and beverage offerings. Our Market at PMW (Park Manor West Innovation Center) and Market at Olin Café (downstairs in Olin Hall) are open late for any time of day dining needs. Find out how it works.

Olin Café will reopen for the new academic year and will offer an in–person and mobile ordering experience via Boost Mobile Ordering. Guests will be able to order from the following stations on Boost: BRKFST & Co., Rosso Verde, Bok Choy and Chaat House.

Additional social, community, and gathering opportunities will be available this fall. We anticipate increased capacity for events, gatherings, and all student activities, with very limited restrictions to typical student organizational priorities. 

Whenever possible, events and gatherings should be hosted outside and we encourage community members to work with Babson College Dining for safe food handling processes.

On-campus approved events and gatherings are restricted to Babson community members only at this time.

Additionally, we are planning for a full Babson Athletics schedule with spectators once again invited to cheer on our teams.

Please see Information for Visitors.

Overnight guests (outside of the Babson community) are not permitted in Babson residence halls. Please note that we will continue to evaluate this policy in the coming weeks and evolve as appropriate.

To help prioritize the health and safety of our campus community, nonessential personal travel is discouraged during the academic year. Those students who have an urgent need to travel internationally are required to quarantine off campus at their own expense and to follow the policy outlined below. In limited cases, if travel is essential (i.e. family emergency), requests may be made for on-campus quarantine and isolation space. 

Babson will follow federal, local and state guidance on traveling and continue to evaluate the steps outlined below as further guidance and data becomes available. 

International Travel Policy

All students who wish to travel internationally must complete the International Travel Form.

  • Fully vaccinated students: Required to test 3 to 5 days after returning to campus, sooner if symptoms arise. Must continue to mask indoors per college policy.
  • Unvaccinated (including exempt) and partially vaccinated students: Required to test within 24 hours of return, and again 3 to 5 days after return. Must continue to mask indoors per college policy and wait for negative test results before returning to the classroom.

Domestic Travel Policy

  • Unvaccinated (including exempt) and partially vaccinated students: Required to test within 24 hours of return and again 3 to 5 days after return. Must continue to mask indoors per college policy.

International travelers (any student arriving at Babson from an international location) must adhere to CDC guidance for international travel. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated international travelers must have one negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before arriving on campus. Submit documentation using the Fall 2021 Test Result form.

International students are encouraged to review the Information for International Students section for additional information around immigration regulations, travel, and common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The page will remain continuously updated ahead of the fall semester.

We will continue to pursue excellence for students in all programs, and to expand upon the learning and best practices established over the last year. We are looking forward to welcoming students back on campus. Please see the Registration page for more Fall 2021 course registration information.