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Babson Academy Webinar series

Babson Academy Webinars

Teaching Innovation in the 21st Century – February 20, 2020

Innovation as a discipline did not exist 20 years ago but today's employers and executives expect our students to be creative, entrepreneurial and innovative. The emergence and growth of this meta-discipline that cuts across multiple disciplines is a new phenomenon. Faculty must create new or reimagine their existing innovation curricula. Professor Jay Rao addresses the exciting discipline of innovation and how to create  new curricula and teaching methods for a wide array of audiences. He also provides an overview of the Teaching Innovation Program, June 20–24, 2021.

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Tips For Navigating the Research Publishing Process - January 30, 2020 

One of the most difficult challenges faced by entrepreneurship scholars is to navigate the process to publishing their work. This process includes many challenges, including framing and writing the paper, preparing the manuscript, revising and seeking feedback on the manuscript, identifying the journal outlet, submitting and managing the review process. Expert research authors, Professor Candida Brush and Professor William Gartner, address those challenges and provide three tips that are helpful in managing the process. They also provide an overview of the Babson Fellows Program for Entrepreneurship Researchers. 2021 Program dates to come.

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