Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-initiated, Babson-supported groups of staff and faculty that share common interests, issues, backgrounds, dimensions of diversity and/or or pursuits.

ERGs promote the value of diversity and cultural awareness and foster an environment of inclusion that attracts, welcomes and retains diverse talent. ERGs enhance feelings of connectedness and provide opportunities for employees to seek and offer support to one another.

Employee Resource Groups Goals

  • To foster cross-departmental interaction, professional development and networking
  • To increase cultural competencies, recruiting and mentoring of Babson employees
  • To create increased connectivity with the college’s direction and strategy
  • To increase communications and create an open forum for exchange of ideas
  • To organize events and work with Human Resources to ensure that the Babson environment is inclusive, welcoming and affirming for all.

Employee Resource Groups

Employees interested in joining an existing resource group are encouraged to contact the chairperson directly.

The AAPI/Asian Employee Resource Group will support diversity and inclusiveness at Babson primarily by providing a space for AAPI/Asian employees to build community and have support at Babson. Additionally, this ERG will help all employees, regardless of identity, to understand, accept, and value the AAPI/Asian community. It will promote continued dialogue on the rich diversity and complexity of the AAPI/Asian experience in the United States.

The AAPI/Asian ERG will strengthen the Babson community through a number of ways. This ERG will help employees to build and nurture relationships with their peers by having a safe space with others who may share similar backgrounds or interests. It will develop and enhance the College’s commitment to the AAPI/Asian community, and larger commitment to diversity and inclusion, through its programming. Through collaboration with other identity-based groups on campus the ERG will help to create a more inclusive environment and welcoming community for all.

Finally, the AAPI/Asian ERG will support professional development and interactions by acknowledging the different needs in education, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases among the AAPI/Asian employee community. It will create and share resources relevant to AAPI/Asian employees to enhance their professional development. These goals will assist in the College’s recruitment and retention of AAPI/Asian faculty and staff.

The Administrative Support Network is committed to fostering relationships and sharing best practices among all support staff across Babson College. The mission of the group is to provide formal and informal opportunities for staff to come together in support of each other and the college through cross-departmental professional development, information sharing, learning opportunities, and sharing successes. This ERG will increase recruiting and mentoring of Babson employees through enhanced connectedness, providing a platform for personal and professional development, increased communications, and serving as an open forum for the exchange of ideas.

The Advanced Degree Network is committed to fostering relationships across the College with those employees balancing work and a personal life all while pursuing an advanced degree. This group serves to create relationships with other members of the community pursuing the same goal, to discuss and provide feedback on the dissertation writing process, and to support one another in the process of continuing one's education while balancing work and one’s personal life.

The purpose of the Ebony Network ERG is to provide a forum where employees of African descent can connect, support, and learn from each other; to develop initiatives and promote linkages which enable Black employees to be active and engaged in the broader Babson community; and to work in conjunction with other underrepresented groups across campus to create a welcoming and inclusive climate and environment.

The Latines Unides ERG strives to create a safe space of union, intentional dialogue, and social relationships for Latines staff and faculty members of the Babson Community. This group serves to build and maintain a welcoming and inclusive campus environment dedicated to embracing and celebrating Latinx culture through social gatherings and community events.

The LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) ERG is a community of Babson employees who meet socially, share news and events, and support efforts to enhance Babson’s standing as a welcoming and affirming campus. The LGBTQ+ ERG collaborates regularly with the LGBTQ+ Action Group on programs, events, and services for the LGBTQ+ and ally community. Visit LGBTQ+ for more information about the student programming at Babson.

The Parent Connection Group is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) sponsored by the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) and the Office of Human Resources. Formed in 2013 by faculty and staff from both the graduate and undergraduate programs, the group’s mission is to plan and foster both formal and informal ways of connecting parents among the Babson community. We share strategies and celebrations while creating a community for Babson families.

The Sustainability ERG provides a social space for staff and faculty who are passionate, or would like to know more, about social and environmental sustainability. Members of this group are able to share resources, exchange ideas, and help support Babson’s ongoing sustainability efforts. The group collaborates with Babson's Sustainability Office to support and plan community events.


At Babson, we are committed to integrating social and environmental sustainability concepts into the education of the world’s next generation of business leaders. In addition, we are an innovative sustainability leader informing, engaging and exciting our students, staff, and faculty around sustainability as a community value. Therefore, we seek to attract and retain employees who are aligned with these values. Specifically, those who can demonstrate consistency in sustainability practices in the workplace including resource usage, recycling actions and waste reduction. We seek individuals who will acquire knowledge regarding the impacts of our behaviors in the environment and who will maintain their sustainability citizenship within the Babson community.

The Race Conversations ERG is a community of employees having an open, respectful exchange of views on race relations. We recognize our need to delve more fully and personally into the issues at Babson and across the country than can be done at any one event. Members suggest topics such as our own ethnic histories, a recent incident of alleged racism, or something from our own experiences. A long-range aspect of the ERG is to support members who want to identify and take action in their roles at Babson and beyond.

The Wellness Employee Resource Group (ERG) is designed to bring the Babson community together to foster both formal and informal opportunities to engage in wellness activities, networking, and education. We share information and provide resources (via Slack and email), and plan events.


Laura Carfang, 781-239-5643

Forming an Employee Resource Group

As part of Babson’s commitment to a respectful workplace, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion along with Human Resources assists in forming and furthering the efforts of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Recognized ERGS should have a purpose that does one or more of the following:

  • Supports diversity and inclusiveness at Babson
  • Strengthens the College community
  • Supports professional development and interactions

Employees interested in forming a new resource group are encouraged to email HR@babson.edu.

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