Rewards & Recognition

In an environment where diversity is valued, it is vital that we recognize individual contributions as well as shared success. We’re all Babson but we’re all different, too, with different lives, aspirations, and requirements.

We believe that we have designed a recognition philosophy that is agile, engaging, and innovative, with the capacity to meet the needs of our community. Our program is designed to:

  1. Recognize employees who excel in their commitment to living the College’s core values
  2. Engage employees through timely and effective recognition of outstanding achievements by their colleagues, managers, and the community
  3. Provide managers with the necessary tools to engage team members both individually and departmentally

Babson College is committed to being fair, flexible, competitive, objective, and forward thinking when designing and implementing employee rewards and recognition practices. Babson considers both monetary and nonmonetary options when considering rewarding and recognizing employees. All employees must be in good standing in order to be rewarded and/or recognized.

Institutional Awards

The 4C’s Award »

Established in 1997, the 4C’s Award honors Babson employees (faculty and staff) who reflect Babson’s core values, strategy, and/or mission in their everyday work.

The Joseph R. Weintraub Alumni Award for Distinguished Faculty/Administration Service »

Each year, the Alumni Award for Distinguished Service honors a Babson employee (faculty or staff member) who reflects Babson’s core values, strategy, and/or mission in their service to the Alumni Association and its Alumni Community.

Early Impact Award »

The Early Impact Award is designed to recognize members of the Babson community who have embraced the Babson spirit in their short time on campus.

The Entrepreneurial Thought and Action (ET&A™) Award »

The Entrepreneurial Thought and Action Award was established in 2014 to recognize members of the Babson community who have demonstrated the core tenet of Babson philosophy: Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®.

Kaplan Sustainability Award »

The Kaplan Sustainability Award was established in 2013 and created to honor Shelley Kaplan, who, in his 12 years of service, led the development of Babson College’s sustainability program, creating significant environmental, social, and economic value at Babson.

Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award »

The Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award honors members of the Babson community (students, faculty, staff, groups, or organizations) who reflect Dr. King’s principles and ideals in philosophy and action.

The Nan Langowitz Women Who Make a Difference Award »

Sponsored by the Frank & Eileen™ Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (F&E CWEL), this annual award honors women whose work has had a significant, positive impact on the Babson community in the last year.

Pride Award »

The Babson Pride Award recognizes the significant contributions of those who join the College in its commitment to creating a community that values, supports, and celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals and their allies.

The Walter H. Carpenter Prize »

In 1981, Babson established the Walter H. Carpenter Prize for Exceptional Contributions to Babson College—considered one of Babson’s most prestigious awards for a faculty or staff member.​​​