The Nan Langowitz Women Who Make A Difference Award

Sponsored by the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, this annual award honors women whose work has had a significant, positive impact on the Babson community in the last year.

This award was first presented in 1995 and began in Student Affairs. The award was originally designed to honor students, faculty, and staff who impacted the lives of Babson’s undergraduate students but has evolved over the years. This award also has been designed to increase the profile of women at Babson and increase the attractiveness of Babson as a community. In addition, the award supports the College’s current goal to extend Babson’s capabilities to the world. There is an event each year during Women’s History Month to honor both the nominees and the winners of this award.

Now Accepting Nominations

Nominate a member of the Babson community for the Women Who Make a Difference Award today!


The Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership encourages the nomination of students, faculty, staff, and alumnae who identify as women and have coordinated and implemented programs/initiatives that brought diverse members of the Babson community together. Nominees also may have led their teams, organizations, classes, or departments toward reaching goals that benefit their group and the College overall.

Past award winners have been positive role models who have demonstrated strength, intelligence, and integrity in challenging others to achieve professionally, academically, and personally.

Past Winners


Vikki Rodgers
Erin Carcia
Lily Terrero
Jessa Moon M’17
Flora Epke-Idang M’17


Cheryl Kirschner
Tracey Reza
Terry Marroquin
Melissa Perlman ’17
Alexis Yioulos ’16
Carolina Samsung M’15


Rosa Slegers
Emily Robertson M’14
Christine Yoon M’15
Caitlin Capozzi
Nancy Doherty
Kristen Dombrowski ’14
Taelyr Roberts ’15


Donna Stoddard
Becky Borenstein
Susan Roberts
Joan Whalen
Sharon Yardley
Kadia Tubman


Mary Godwyn
Kuokor Dzani M’12
Amy Mon ’12
Linda Kean
Lisa Thomas


Candy Brush
Farah Hussain M’11
Beth Bristol
Mei Zhen Lee ’11


Anne Donnellon
Erica Hirsch M’10
Betsy Newman
Samantha Chipman ’10


Marjorie Feld
Ursula Liff M’09
Lisa MacDonald
Setira Grizzle ’09


Norean Sharpe
Jennifer Green M’08
Dolores Zaccardi
Shaina Silva ’08


Elizabeth Goldberg
Maria Sinanias M’07
Karen Maccaro
Chanelle Carver ’07
Beth Muzyka ’07
Danielle Young ’07


Natalie Taylor
Jan Shubert
Rebecca Soon ’07


Ginny Soybel
Liz Kansier M’05
Martha Gosselin
Soriah Anvary ’05


Joan Lindsey-Mullikin
Judy Blinstrub
Ashley Chung ’05


Laurie Lapides
Jamie Fioretti-Robitaille
Shannon Hawley ’03


Kathy Hevert
Kerry Rourke
Carol Hacker
Lisa McAndless-Robinson
Kim Trelegan
Kerryann Bryan ’02
Abby Howe ’03


Margo Friedman
Elaine Allen
Nan Langowitz
Sue Adamson
Lindy Holway ’02
Nikita Vaswani ’01


Jane Miller
Katherine Platt
Connie Bosse
Laura DeVeau
Christine Merlo
Melissa Shaak
Sandy Teixeria
Amiee Dollinger ’00
Patricia Gete ’00
Megan Symmes ’00


No individual awards presented. All nominees recognized in booklet.


Mary Pinard
Jacki Giordano
Sandy Siciliano
Fabi Arevelo ’99


Amy Meredith
Sydel Sokuvitz
Jean Collins
Ashley Nelson ’00


Carmen Ward
Mary Pinard
Lucille Van Baars
Stephanie Baker ’96


Evie McIntosh
Carolyn Hotchkiss
Peg Rehill
Sarah Kobs ’95​​​​​