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Park Manor Central

Community Standards

Our Office Values

We value the importance of taking ownership of our individual and collective actions. This requires engagement in the process of understanding how our behaviors impact the world around us in an effort to repair the harms for which we are responsible. We encourage students to hold themselves to the highest standard by committing to making ethical, well-informed decisions.

We value the pursuit of a fair and just community by acknowledging that individuals hold different identities and backgrounds and that such differences shape individuals' decision making, access to resources, and their experiences with institutional processes. As such, we are committed to supporting every student by responding to their unique needs and circumstances in order to facilitate meaningful growth. We encourage students to explore how their identities manifest in each situation and to act with compassion and empathy when interacting with individuals who hold different identities from their own. 

We value the inherent dignity, worth, and value that each person holds regardless of their beliefs or circumstances. This requires acknowledgment that our words and behaviors affect others and our decisions should be informed by how others will experience our actions. We encourage students to seek first to understand the perspectives of others in order to cultivate a community where individuals bring their full selves, not leaving any part of themselves behind.

We value the development of each individual’s ability to embrace mistakes, failures, challenges, and hardships as opportunities to learn and grow. We encourage students to adopt a growth mindset, recognizing that no situation is beyond redemption when approached with integrity and a commitment to collectively be and do better.