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Cheryl Lawrence is wearing a blue dress and a yellow sweater in front of a blurred background.

Cheryl M. Lawrence (she/her)

Assistant Director, Community Standards

Cheryl M. Lawrence (she/her) is the Assistant Director of Community Standards.

Meghan has dark hair and is wearing a black shirt in front of a blue background.

Meghan Walsh (she/her)

Area Coordinator, Community Standards Specialist

Meghan Walsh (she/her) is the Area Coordinator for Community Standards.

Joseph McQuoid standing up wearing  a grey color suit and glasses

Joseph McQuoid (he/him)

Manager of Academic Integrity

Joe McQuoid is the Manager of Academic Integrity for the Office of Community Standards.

Tanisha (TJ) Jean (she/her)

Administrative Coordinator, Community Standards

TJ (she/her) is the Admin for the Community Standards office.