Report a Concern

If you are concerned that a Babson student or student organization has engaged in behavior that that violates the 2023-2024 Community Code of Student Conduct (pdf), we encourage you to submit a formal report and you may do so in the following ways:

General Student Conduct Concerns

Community members can report potential Community Code of Student Conduct violations by going to the Babson College Reporting Page. Here, you can submit reports for Academic Integrity Violations, CARE concerns, Bias-Related Incidents, or use the general reporting form for student conduct concerns. 

For interpersonal conflict matters, you can also request a Restorative Practice consultation with a member of the Community Standards staff through the Reporting Landing Page. 

Academic Integrity Violations

Members of the community (faculty/staff/students) can report Academic Integrity violations by following the "I would like to report an Academic Integrity concern" prompt here.

Gender-Based Misconduct

To formally report an incident of gender-based misconduct, complainants may file a report with the College. Complaints against students and student groups, should be reported to Betsy Rauch, Title IX Coordinator. If you would like to file a police report, please contact Public Safety.