Hearing Board

The Hearing Board serves as an objective hearing body for both academic and nonacademic cases. Members of the Board—faculty, staff, and students—are dedicated to educating and hearing students, while also balancing the needs of the Babson community.

Students join the Board to enhance their critical thinking, effective listening, and communication skills. In addition to hearing cases, the members of the Board also serve as the appeals party for cases heard through the Educational Conference process.

The 2023–24 board members will have the opportunity to engage in subcommittees which will further the mission of Community Standards. These subcommittees include: Community Education, Academic Integrity, Hearing Board Programming & Training, and Marketing & Communications.

Hearing Board Student Member Application

Undergraduate Student Hearing Board member applications will open in early January 2024.
Graduate students are recruited on a rolling basis.

This group will look to educate the community on the importance of academic integrity and develop strategies to address/breakdown a culture of cheating. 

This group will work to educate the campus on our policies and processes, and growing as a member of the Babson community​ and create ways to support and empower students on utilizing the Community Standards office as a resource for conflict resolution, engaging in difficult conversations, etc. 

They also may partner with other student leader positions to help educate our students on different policy violations.

Collaborate with all subcommittees to promote events, policies, procedures, and the philosophy of Community Standards.  This group will explore various communication outlets to most effectively and consistently reach and educate different parts of the Babson community.  

This group will assist the Community Standards staff with educational opportunities for the Board and planning topics for Lunch N' Learns, as well as facilitate team bonding experiences for Hearing Board members

This committee may partner with other committees for campus-wide events promoting the Hearing Board