Employment Within Learner Success and Campus Life

Message from the Vice President for Learner Success and Dean of Campus Life 

Lawrence P. Ward, Ed.D., Vice President for Learner Success and Dean of Campus Life

Thank you for your interest in advancing your career at Babson College. Our mission across the Division of Learner Success and Campus Life is to build and foster a vibrant and supportive environment where students can reach their maximum potential for success. We help students to discover their own identity, strengths, and leadership capabilities. We engage and challenge students to pursue their unique goals, interests, and ambitions. And, we are committed to student safety and well-being.

At Babson, student interests and needs are as diverse as their own cultural, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds would suggest. That is why attracting and maintaining a diverse and highly capable professional staff and fostering an inclusive work environment is so fundamental to our success.

As an entrepreneurial living, learning community, we value innovation, creativity, learning from failure, and risk taking. As the chief student experience officer, I place a high premium on having a team that shares my values of quality, service, excellence, and integrity. I also admire team members who communicate well, embrace new challenges, and take great pride in their work. Perhaps most important to finding success at Babson is the ability to build and inspire effective relationships grounded in trust among students, faculty, and other colleagues.

As educators, we help students to overcome challenges and become more resilient, especially after a setback or disappointment. As a result, sometimes our work is difficult and stressful. So, we also find time to laugh, have fun with colleagues, and enjoy quality time with family and friends away from campus.

Finally, we are committed to investing in professional training and development opportunities that will prepare and best equip our staff to add maximum value to a transformative student experience at Babson.

I invite you to explore current openings, visit with us on campus, and imagine the possibilities for your career as a member of our dynamic team. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Best regards ... lpw

Lawrence P. Ward, Ed.D.
Vice President for Learner Success and Dean of Campus Life
Babson College