Babson Leadership Academy

The Babson Leadership Academy creates experiences that allow students to develop and live as entrepreneurial leaders.

The Babson Leadership Academy is an opportunity for Babson College undergraduate students to direct their own learning and development as entrepreneurial leaders. The intention of the program is to guide students to understand the following processes:

Purpose – Who do I NEED to be? Who do I WANT to be?

Network – Who do I NEED to know? Who do I WANT to know? 

Learning – What do I NEED to know and do? What do I WANT to know and do?

This program will connect to core concepts of emotionally intelligent leadership. Focus is also placed on improving leadership competence and enhancing future leadership potential. Students will participate in weekly workshops, develop action plans for future leadership, and engage in reflection to support them as they lead entrepreneurially. Students will learn in a flipped classroom setting, completing readings and virtual modules via Canvas prior to each week's meeting time. Sessions will allow students to contextualize their readings and modules through application in exercises, dialogue, and activities related to the session material. The Babson Leadership Academy will be delivered over the course of 10 weeks through the following 3 modules connected to the processes listed above:

Consciousness of Self (Purpose)

Consciousness of Others (Network)

Consciousness of Context (Learning)

Apply Now! (Application Deadline: January 28, 2024)

Students who successfully complete the program by attending all seminar sessions and course assignments will receive a certificate of completion and will be recognized at the Best of Babson Awards.