Family Orientation

The student and family orientation programs help you and your student adjust to the Babson lifestyle and ease the transition into college by providing information and answers to any academic, personal, and social questions.

At Babson, we use the term “Family Orientation” to recognize that support for our students comes from more than just parents. We invite parents, guardians, extended family, partners, and friends to take part in this program to discover how best to support your enrolled student in their time at Babson. Sessions are designed to acclimate you to the Babson campus and get a glimpse of the experience your student is about to embark on.

Spring Orientation 2022

Tuesday, December 6 New Student Virtual Orientation Launch
Friday, January 14 Move-in Day (New Students)
Friday, January 14 Family Orientation Programming
Friday, January 14–
Sunday, January 16
New Student In-Person Orientation
Tuesday, January 18 Classes Begin

Spring Orientation 2022

Parent and family orientation programming will be offered on the afternoon of Friday, January 14 following new student move-in that morning. Families will be invited to hear from the various campus administrators, staff, and faculty, who will have a role in facilitating student success on campus, in and out of the classroom. There will be no on-campus family orientation programming beyond Friday, January 14.

Students are required to attend all programs and sessions during the , Friday, Janaury 14 through Sunday, January 16 unless otherwise noted in their orientation schedule. We ask that parents and families refrain from removing students from any session during the day. Free time is built into the student schedule throughout each day and all evening programs are optional for students.

Families looking for overnight accommodations before or after move-in can find a number of local hotels near Wellesley and Boston.

Any student expecting to miss any part of orientation should email Undergraduate Orientation prior to the start of orientation to make necessary arrangements.

Family Orientation Registration

At this time, pre-registration for Spring 2022 Family Orientation is not required. 

Parent & Family Orientation Programming Preview (Friday, Janaury 14)

  • Scheduled move-in for first-year, transfer, and exchange students
  • Laptop and OneCard (student ID) pick-up
  • Campus Resource and Vendor Fair
  • Parent & Family Welcome (*Parents and Families only)

Virtual Campus Resource Fair

Beyond the services covered in the Orientation sessions, the staff and faculty at Babson College are eager to welcome all of our newest parents and family members to Babson. Take this opportunity to get to know the people and services that are available to your students by taking a “stroll” through our virtual resource fair below. 

Babson College welcomes students with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of their college experience. This includes but is not limited to academic, housing, and dining accommodations. Students requesting accommodations must register with Accessibility Services and participate in an intake interview. Accessibility Services staff utilize an interactive review process to determine the necessary accommodations. Students may register via the Accessible Information Management (AIM) portal and submit current documentation. For further information about the policies and procedures, visit the Babson Student Portal, email, or call the front desk at 781-239-4075. Accessibility Services, located in Hollister Hall, Suite 220, is open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

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Student Advising & Success (SAS) is the center for the advising and support for Babson’s undergraduate students. Student Advising & Success empowers students to take responsibility for their educational experience. The office supports students through their decision making processes so they can become pro-active members of the Babson academic community. The office provides students and faculty with the resources necessary to thrive in an integrated, competency-based curriculum. Learn More »


Email Conor O’Brien​, Associate Director of Student Engagement, with any questions about Family Orientation.​​​​​​​​​​​