Conflict Navigation

Conflict is normal, and resolving conflict is a vital part of the educational journey of the Babson student. Students are encouraged to access Alternative Resolution Methods regardless of whether the incident rises to the level of a policy violation. In other words, students can proactively seek out the Office of Community Standards and do not need to be referred to the student conduct process. To access any of the services below, email

Conflict Coaching
Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one meeting with an administrator that serves as a consultation process for students who wish to improve their conflict management and communication skills.

Mediation is a facilitated dialogue where disputants can share their perspectives, thoughts, and feelings surrounding a conflict. The Mediator facilitates a conversation between the disputants with the goal of reaching an agreement that satisfies the concerns presented and meets the standards of acceptable behavior in a community environment. The role of the Mediator is not to impose a solution or offer College intervention to bring about an outcome.

Restorative Justice
The focus of Restorative Justice (RJ) is to repair harm and rebuild trust through inclusive decision making and active accountability.  RJ circles, or conferences, include responsible parties, impacted parties, supporting parties, and facilitators.  An RJ circle/conference may be offered to a student who accepts responsibility for violating College policy and has a desire to learn more about the harm they may have caused.