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Hearing Board

Babson's Hearing Board serves as an objective hearing body for both academic and nonacademic cases.  These members, made up of the three main consitutents on campus: faculty, staff, and students, are dedicated to educating and hearing out members of the community, while also balancing the needs of the Babson community.  

Faculty and staff are appointed annually by the College President or their designee, while student members are selected each year through an application and interview process, and are evaluated annually for reappointment.  Students can apply to be a member of the Hearing Board through the Student Leadership application which comes out each Spring. 

Members can look to enhance their critical thinking, effective listening, and communication skills among others.  New for the 2020-2021 academic year, student board members will be broken up into five sub-groups to better serve the community.  Each group will work to collaborate with various campus partners on their topic, and empower peers to get involved in these important conversations. 

This group will look to educate the community on the importance of academic integrity and develop strategies to address/breakdown a culture of cheating. 

This group will create ways to support and empower students to proactively and productively manage conflict and difficult conversations (i.e. around identity, racism, group project conflicts).

Collaborate with all subcommittees to promote events, policies, procedures, and values.  This group will explore various communication outlets to most effectively and consistently reach and educate different parts of the Babson community.  

Board members will work together to create educational trainings and assist with planning topics for bi-weekly board meetings. 

For cases in which a behavior does not lead to a formal charge, but we believe follow-up would be beneficial, we will look to this group to meet 1:1 with students.