Posse New York Scholarship

The Babson-Posse partnership is going strong! The Posse Foundation recruits and trains public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential to become Posse Scholars. Babson is the only business-focused school among Posse’s 58 partner colleges and universities around the country. Babson’s Posse Scholars are recruited each year from a pool of over 3,000 New York City high school students. Information about the Posse Foundation and the scholar nomination and selection process can be found on the Posse Foundation website. Babson’s Posse Scholars are successful academically, with a graduation rate of 97%, and are leaders in organizations across campus too numerous to mention.

The Posse experience is opened up to the larger Babson community through the “Posse Plus” Retreat, held at the beginning of the spring semester. Each Posse Scholar hosts a student guest, and each Posse invites faculty and staff who they would like to attend the retreat. Approximately 100 attendees spend a weekend engaged in in lively, deep conversation and activities. Recent Posse Plus Retreat themes have been:

  • The State of Politics (2020)
  • The State of Our Union (2019)
  • Hope, Hate and Race (2018)
  • Identity and Polarization in American Society (2017)
  • Language, Labels, and Triggers (2016)
  • Crime and Punishment (2015)
  • Political and Social Movements (2014)
  • Class, Power and Privilege (2013)
  • Born This Way—Gender and Sexuality (2012)
  • The Millennials (2011)
  • Do We Still Need to Talk About Race? (2010)

For more information about Posse at Babson please contact Tracey Reza, Assistant Dean of the Undergraduate School, who serves as Babson’s liaison to the Posse Foundation.

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