Fraternity/Sorority Life

Choosing to join a fraternity or sorority is a lifelong decision for students, and we know that their parents and families play a large part in helping them make this decision.

BE Alpha Epsilon at Babson

In order to help inform our parents and families about what to expect from the fraternity/sorority experience, we have compiled the below FAQ. Parents or family members with questions or concerns about their child’s membership or experience should not hesitate to contact the fraternity/sorority life advisor.

What is the benefit to joining a fraternity/sorority?

There are countless benefits to joining a fraternity/sorority. Among them are networking opportunities during and after college, leadership development, personal growth, values development, and academic support. Students who choose to hold leadership positions in a chapter undoubtedly will develop important leadership skills that will be helpful in any professional field. Statistically fraternity/sorority members are reported to be more active alums of their college, more satisfied adults, and overall better prepared for the workplace.

How will membership impact my student’s grades?

All chapters have academic standards that members are required to uphold. While each chapter’s GPA requirement is different, all chapters provide academic support to their members. In fact, during the past five years, the fraternity/sorority members consistently have had higher grades than their nonaffiliated peers.

What does it cost? How do they join?

This information can be found on the Joining page. We would recommend that parents support students in finding a group that feels comfortable and supportive for them. Using the recruitment process to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each group will allow them to find their best fit and the place they will feel most at home.

Are fraternities and sororities a big deal at Babson?

There are approximately 375 members in the fraternity/sorority community at Babson, which is approximately 18 percent of the student body. While this is a pretty significant number, membership in a fraternity/sorority is certainly not something all students choose as a part of their college experience.

I have heard a lot of bad things about fraternities/sororities in the media. Will my student be hazed or participate in inappropriate events?

There is absolutely no tolerance for hazing at Babson College, and your student should not experience anything that makes him/her uncomfortable. The students and administration work hard to uphold the fraternal values of scholarship, leadership, service, respect, and unity, which do not align with this sort of inappropriate behavior. Should you be concerned about an activity, please do not hesitate to contact the fraternity/sorority life advisor.