Reporting to Law Enforcement

The College strongly encourages prompt reporting to law enforcement. Reporting is best done as soon as possible after an incident, but it may be done at any time. 
If the incident occurred on campus and the complainant wants to report the incident to law enforcement, they may file a report with Babson College Public Safety by calling 781-239-5555 and/or Wellesley Police Department by calling 781-235-1212 and/or Needham Police Department at 781-455-7570.
If the incident occurred off-campus, the complainant has the right to file a report with the local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. Babson Public Safety can assist a complainant with identifying the appropriate local law enforcement agency and with the filing of a report with that agency. 
Following is a list of other law enforcement reporting options:
  • Massachusetts State Police: 1-508-872-8713
  • Norfolk County District Attorney Office - Brookline: 1-617-738-5072
  • Norfolk Superior Court: 1-781-326-1600
  • Dedham District Court: 1-781-329-4777
Law enforcement agencies, including Babson College Public Safety, are generally required to investigate reports of a criminal nature to the extent they are able. However, filing a complaint with law enforcement does not require the complainant to participate in a criminal process if the complainant chooses not to do so.