Report a Concern

Reports of non-compliance with COVID specific Campus Safety Protocols should be submitted via the Safeguarding our Community Together Form.

If you are concerned that a Babson student or student organization has engaged in behavior that that violates the Student Code of Ethics, we encourage you to submit a formal report and you may do so in the following ways:

General Student Conduct Violations

Community members that are concerned about a behavior they have witnessed, whether related to academics or not, may fill out our General Reporting Form.  

Individuals wishing to report a violation directly may do so by emailing the Director of Community Standards, Abbe Erle or the Chief of Police, Jim Pollard. In your email, please include the following: student name, incident date, incident location, and incident details.  The Office of Community Standards and the Department of Public Safety take these submissions very seriously, and any emails that are received will start an investigation into the allegation to determine whether there has been a violation of Babson's Student Code of Ethics.​​​​​​​​

Academic Integrity Violations

Faculty should utilize the Academic Integrity Concern Reporting Form to submit information in all instances when they believe a student may have engaged in academically dishonest behavior. 

Please consult the FAQs for Faculty (pdf) to better understand how to respond to an Academic Integrity situation and how the process works following a report. 

Gender-Based Misconduct Violations

To formally report an incident of gender-based misconduct, complainants may file a report with the College. Complaints against students and student groups, should be reported to Caitlin Capozzi, Associate Dean of Student Engagement and Deputy Title IX Coordinator.