Office of the Chief

Erin S. Carcia - Chief of Police
Joseph O'Leary - Deputy Chief
Kelly Gallagher - Administrative Specialist/Clery Compliance Lead


Lt. Kevin Richardson - Patrol
Lt. Jenna Lazar - Administrative 


Sgt. Jose Grajales - Administrative
Sgt. Kyle Kekic
Sgt. Debbie Lopez
Sgt. Shawn Powers
Sgt. James Bogins
Sgt. Bruce Whitney

Police Officers

Kareem Beckles
Kevin Carrigan - Community Engagement Officer
Kayla Donahue
Nashley Gonzalez
David Johansson
Jenniffer Otero Hernandez
Anna Padgett
David Pope
Steven Pope
Justin Stiles
Dylan Tavano

Community Service Officers

Zakary Dauphinais
Valerie Ziehler


Detective Jennie Lindland

OneCard/Parking Services

Meghan Rosenberg - Manager
Kristen Sardina - Administrative Assistant
Kaitlin Wright - Parking Enforcement Officer

Emergency Management

Derek Keene - Emergency Management Specialist