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Media Coverage

How to Keep Health and Wellness Top of Mind This Semester

By Brianna Radicioni // February 7, 2020

Interested in learning new ways to build healthier habits. Hear directly from Health & Wellness staff members on how to stay healthy this semester.


Coping with Finals and Stress

By Greta Anderson // December 18, 2019

This article in Inside Higher Ed, discusses the efforts that higher education institutions are taking to address academic stress. The author, who interviewed Associate Dean Ryan Travia, specifically highlights Babson’s efforts to promote healthy stress management on campus.


Frontier Grad Woodward Helps Babson Volleyball to 30 Win Season

By Adam Hargraves // November 22, 2019

In this article by the Greenfield Recorder, Emily Woodward, a member of the Peers on Wellness, is profiled. The article discusses Emily’s success at Babson both on and off the volleyball court and highlights her work as a member of POW.


Leaning on Your Peers

By Brianna Radicioni // November 6, 2019

Babson Thought & Action gives a compelling profile of the Peers on Wellness through the eyes of two of its members, Kaylan Ramkumar and Catherine Ferri. Kal and Catherine talk about their favorite POW events and what they have gained from their leadership experiences.


Framing Well-being in a College Campus Setting

By Ryan M. Travia, James G. Larcus, Stacy Andes, and Paula G. Gomes // October 2019

This whitepaper published by the American College Health Foundation and Aetna Student Health seeks to highlight innovative college health practices. The goal of this paper is to inspire institutions to consider new ways of promoting well-being for both students and employees. 


Senior Safety Panel

By Needham Channel // April 19, 2019

In collaboration with the Needham Channel, REACH Beyond Domestic Violence hosted a panel to provide tips for parents to protect their children from sexual assault. The panel features Ashleigh Hala, the Director of Wellness & Prevention Services at Babson College, as well as Karin Raye (Assistant Professor at Lasell College), Rame Hanna (Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Olin College).


Babson Athletics, Health and Wellness Form Project TEAM Through NCAA Choices Grant

By Babson Athletics // January 16, 2018

This press release details the three-year, $30,000 NCAA CHOICES grant to fund Project TEAM (Team Engagement for Alcohol Management). The program uses an original and innovative model to address the culture of high-risk drinking at the school. Project TEAM will be a joint project between the Babson College Departments of Athletics and Recreation and Health and Wellness. 


Small Talk with Sharon Yardley

By Babson Magazine // August 1, 2017

In a candid interview with Babson Magazine, Sharon Yardley discusses her decision to enter the field of college health. She details her transition from criminal justice to nursing, her lifelong passion.


Cultivating Connections to Serve Survivors

By Jessica L. Atcheson // May 1, 2017

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center profiles Ashleigh Hala and the work she does as the inaugural Director of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services. The profile also discusses Ashleigh’s experience with BARCC’s Summer Institute training.


REACH and Babson College Work to Prevent Dating Violence

By Reach Beyond Domestic Violence // January 4, 2017

In partnership with REACH, members of Health & Wellness along with other Babson staff, screened Escalation, a film created by the One Love Foundation. Screeners then discussed how the film could be used to help diversify learning opportunities for the Babson community.