Babson Procurement and Contracting Process

Step 1a: Need for goods or services identified – funds available.

Step 1b: Determine appropriate request for goods/services.


  • Amounts $10,000 or more require three quotes/bids. If a reasonable exception to the three bid rule exists, a Bid Exception Form is required.
  • Determine if a Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Information (RFI), Invitation for Bid (IFB) or Request for Quote (RFQ) is needed.
  • The criteria for determining whether an RFP/RFI/IFB/RFQ is needed depends on the type of goods or services, existing market conditions and relationship with current vendor (if applicable). Please consult with Procurement.


For major purchases contact Procurement as soon as possible to make sure there is reasonable time to accomplish the request for proposal process.

General Guidelines

  • Request for Proposal/Information – allow 30 to 60 Business Days (depends on complexity).
  • Invitation for Bid – allow 10 Business Days
  • Purchase Order/Work Order – allow 5 Business Days

Step 2: Determine Procurement Method

  • Use a Procurement Card (Babson P-card) when procuring goods with a dollar amount under $10,000 that do not require Babson’s terms & conditions (low risk) or for travel expenses. If you do not have a Procurement Card, you may apply for one.
  • Use a Purchase Order when procuring goods and services for amounts $10,000 or over that have limited risk and do not require detailed scope or a formal agreement. A purchase order can be requested if you are procuring goods and services less than $10,000 and due to risk factors the terms & conditions of the purchase order are beneficial.
  • Use a contract template for procuring goods and services when needed. View the contract review procedures .
  • Obtain Certificate of Insurance when needed. (Refer to Departmental Guidelines provided by the Risk Management Office or contact the Risk Management Office if Departmental Guidelines have to be requested).

Step 3: Routing Form Process


  • The routing form process is required in order to encumber funds and management approval for amounts $50,000 or more for non-budget spend or $100,000 or more for budgeted spend. If purchase is IT related (software, hardware, etc.), contact the IT Project Management Office.
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