Contact Information


Katherine Craven Chief Administrative Officer 781-239-5955
Richard Bowman Sr. Associate Vice President, Financial Services & Controller 781-239-5298

Financial Services

Dave Smaldone Manager, Financial Information Systems 781-239-4552
Christi Skill Assistant Controller 781-239-5492
Gail Wilson Senior Accountant 781-239-5692
Edward Jaramillo Financial Information Systems Analyst​ 781-239-4567
Olga Panasenko Staff Accountant 781-239-4264
Tricia Lessard Staff Accountant - Gifts 781-239-4046
Nick Anderson Staff Accountant - Fixed Assets 781-239-5491

Accounts Payable

Jeffrey Hall Manager, Accounts Payable 781-239-5843
Brenda Behrle Supervisor, Accounts Payable 781-239-4010

Budget Office

Tony DeGregorio Sr. Assoc. VP - Financial Planning & Global Financial Administration 781-239-4377
Zhaopeng Ji Director, Budget and Financial Planning 781-239-5848
Richard de Reyna Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis  
Kerrie Grover Senior Budget & Procurement Analyst 781-239-5838
Greg Noel Senior Financial Analyst  
Julie Sewell Sr. Business Finance & Administration Analyst ​781-239-6357

Purchasing Office​

Kevin Collen Dir. Enterprise-wide Vendor Management & Procurement Services 781-239-4406​
Anne Krueger Manager, Procurement Services 781-239-4947​
Kerrie Dunn Senior Buyer, Procurement Services 781-239-5588​
Lori Sullivan Procurement Specialist and Buyer 781-239-5305​

Payroll Office​

Corissa Wikan Manager, Payroll & Compliance​ 781-239-5480​
Rosemary Aldous Payroll Specialist 781-239-4205
Deirdre Fessenden Payroll Administrator