Babson must notify its insurers when a Babson employee or student is involved in an incident on or off campus that results in an injury to a person or damage to Babson’s property or the property of others.

Contact the following people to report a claim:

Jeannette Angles, ARM-E
Risk Manager
231 Forest Street
Horn Library, Room 309
Babson Park, MA 02457

  • Bodily injury (including death or disease) to a Babson student while participating in a Babson sponsored program.
  • Damage to property owned by Babson College.
  • Bodily injury (including death or disease) or property damage caused by Babson College to a third party. 

Jennifer Forbes, Director of Benefits
Human Resources
231 Forest Street
Nichols, Room 137

  • Bodily injury or disease to a Babson College employee that occurs while performing within the scope of that employee's duties for Babson College.