Automobile Insurance

Babson carries liability and physical damage insurance for all vehicles owned, rented, or leased in the name of the College.

The Babson College Driver and Vehicle Use Policy states that people driving on behalf of the College must successfully complete the College’s driver authorization process. If a staff member, faculty member, or student is driving a College-owned, leased, or rented vehicle with permission and on behalf of the College, that person is an individually insured driver under the College's insurance policy. However, the insurance of the owner of a personal vehicle is the primary insurance when personally-owned vehicles are used for College business. The College's insurance does not cover physical damage to personally-owned vehicles.


  • In the event of an accident, passengers should get out of the vehicle and move away from the road, exiting from the side away from traffic if possible.
  • If another vehicle is involved, remain calm and courteous and acknowledge only facts to the other driver.
  • If the accident occurs off campus, immediately notify the local police.
  • Report any injuries to the local police and Public Safety immediately, and request medical assistance.
  • Keep any injured person warm and still. Do not move an injured person who has or is complaining of neck or back pain unless there are threatening conditions.
  • If an injured person is taken from the scene for medical treatment, find out the destination.
  • If the driver is injured, he/she should not drive.


  • If the accident occurs off campus, immediately report it to the local police.
  • Upon return to campus or earlier, report the accident to Public Safety (781-239-5555) and the Risk Management Office (781-239-5688). Accidents involving Facilities Management and Planning vehicles must also be reported to the appropriate supervisor.
  • If the accident occurs on College property, immediately report it to Public Safety (and Facilities Management, if appropriate). Public Safety will forward the accident report to the Risk Management Office.
  • If the accident involves a rental vehicle being used for College business, notify the car rental agency.
  • If the accident involves a personally-owned vehicle being used for College business, notify the vehicle owner's personal automobile insurer.
  • If an employee is injured in a vehicle accident while acting within the scope of his/her employment, he/she must contact Human Resources to file a workers' compensation claim.

For additional information see the Babson College Driver and Vehicle Use Policy.