Property Insurance

Incidents resulting in the theft, damage, or destruction of College owned or leased property should be reported to the College's property insurers by Risk Management.

These property claims are processed through the College's Risk Management Office. All losses are paid based on commercial property insurance policy guidelines.

Note: For information related to the theft, damage, or destruction of a College owned, rented, or leased vehicle, see Automobile Insurance.

Reporting a Property Claim

  • Notify Public Safety (ext. 5555). Public Safety will report the incident to the appropriate parties, including Facilities Management and Planning and Risk Management.
  • If Public Safety cannot be reached and police or fire are needed, call 911.
  • Facilities will take reasonable steps to protect property from further loss and to document the damage.
  • Risk Management will report the incident to the appropriate insurer(s).
  • The insurer(s) will assign an adjuster to investigate the incident.
  • The insurer(s) will require all documentation regarding cost of clean-up/protection of property, and repairs (estimates and actual cost of repairs). This documentation should be sent to Risk Management unless instructed otherwise by Risk Management.