Tier 2 Wordmarks: Schools

The Babson College Tier 2 wordmarks promote Babson College specifically with respect to our degree-bearing and non-degree-bearing schools. Consistent and proper use of these assets strengthens the Babson College brand and reinforces our unified branded house. The Tier 2 marks can be used independent of the Babson College primary marks.

The Babson College Tier 2 wordmarks are registered trademarks. Any variation of their approved state violates these trademarks. All Tier 2 marks are available in horizontal and stacked arrangements and in two-color, black, and white options. Tier 2 marks available for download are listed below.


Tier 2 Wordmarks must be displayed at a minimum of .75 inches (72 pixels) wide. If challenged for space or for increased readability, use only the primary Babson wordmark.

Did you know Babson College logos are registered trademarks?

The Babson College primary and secondary marks can not be altered or used without permission or licensing agreement.


Babson College Tier 2 Wordmarks can be reproduced in two color: PMS 3425 green and black, one color: black, or one color: white. Two color is the preferred method to reproduce the Tier 2 wordmarks. In cases where economics or design requires, you may use the black or reverse-white wordmark.

Color Swatch of hex 006644

Babson Green

Babson’s official green is PMS 3425 (Pantone Matching System) Babson Green can also be created using the following formulas:
Web use: Hexadecimal (Hex) #006644
4-color printing: C100 / M10 / Y69 / K44
Screen viewing: R0 / G102 / B67

Tier 2 Required Safe Space

A safe or clear space is required around the Tier 2 wordmark. This ensures that Babson College has maximum visibility and impact wherever used. As illustrated, the safe space on each side of the logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the initial capital letter ‘B’ in the wordmark. The determined height of the initial capital letter is relative to the size of the logo as used. Keep the safe space clear of type, visuals, and other competing elements.

Tier 2 Sample Applications