Licensing Program

Babson’s Trademark Licensing Program works to promote, enhance, and elevate the image of Babson College by authorizing the use of the College’s name and logos on tasteful, high-quality merchandise.

Babson College requires that all individuals, organizations, departments, and companies, both internal and external, obtain prior approval before creating any products or providing services that will display the College’s marks, regardless of the method of distribution. Licensed vendors are familiar with the approval process and are contractually obligated to uphold this practice.

This formal licensing program is administered by Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). In order to use the College’s marks, a vendor must enter into a licensing agreement with Babson. A license is a written legal agreement between the owner of the trademark (licensor) and a manufacturer/vendor (licensee). This license must be in place before use of the marks occurs.

All students are required to use officially licensed vendors when producing emblematic merchandise. FME student projects do not need to go through the licensing program and are the only exclusion to this policy. Using a one-time license, currently enrolled students are not required to pay royalties on products, even if for resale.

All Babson College departments are required to use officially licensed vendors when producing emblematic merchandise. Items that will be used internally (examples include staff shirts or giveaway items), that are not for resale, are exempt from royalties. However, vendors of items for resale must pay royalties to the College. Resale items include sales to customers and sales for fundraising. Babson offers special vendor agreements for one-time-use scenarios. Please contact Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) for more information regarding qualifications for special agreements.

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Licensing Q&A

What is Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC)?

CLC is the trademark licensing representative for Babson College. As Babson’s representative, CLC is responsible for administering the licensing program, including processing applications, collecting royalties, enforcing trademarks, and pursuing new market opportunities for Babson College.

Who is licensed with Babson College?

To find out which vendors are licensed with the College, email our CLC representative, Morgan Rogers, for the current list. CLC can provide you with information on the products created by all licensees so you can match your needs with the right company.

How can I obtain a licensing application?

Visit CLC's website and select the "Apply Now" button.

How long does a licensing application take to process?

It normally takes two to four weeks to complete the entire licensing process. Companies cannot produce any products until the license application has been completed.

I have been using an unlicensed vendor for several years. Why should I stop?

It is the College’s policy that Babson-branded products be purchased from a licensed vendor. In addition to protecting the College from liability, a licensed vendor has access to Babson’s official logos, including intercollegiate athletics logos. Moreover, licensed vendors are more likely to be accustomed to working with Babson departments and student groups. General licensing questions can be emailed to

Why do I have to use a licensed vendor to print my student organization’s T-shirts or promotional items?

All products that bear Babson’s trademarks, even those ordered by our student organizations, must be purchased only from Babson licensees in order to ensure consistency in the use of Babson’s trademarks and to ensure compliance with a wide range of requirements associated with the manufacture and use of Babson’s trademarks.

Why do I need to be concerned with Babson’s trademarks when buying T-shirts, mugs, and other promotional items?

In order to protect the Babson name and avoid liability issues, all items that feature Babson’s trademarks—from a pen with the Babson seal to a T-shirt that includes the name of a Babson student club—must be purchased from a company that is authorized to sell merchandise with the Babson name.

Can an alumni, student, or student group sell products using Babson’s marks as a fundraiser?

Yes, registered marks can be used for fundraising purposes. Before contacting manufacturers regarding new products, designs, or an idea for a fundraiser, be sure to check with CLC. They will be able to identify local manufacturers to produce the items, saving everyone time and effort.

As a current student, I'd like to sell branded merchandise for profit. Where can I obtain a special one-time license?

To support our ambitious and enterprising currently enrolled students, a one-time license is available. The administrative fee is $150 for processing but students will not be charged royalties on the sales. Beyond the first order, students will need to apply for a full license ($250 administrative fee) and will be charged royalties on sales. If students know that they will be placing multiple orders, they might consider opting for the full license first to reduce administrative fee costs.

Are there examples of trademark uses that do not require approval?

Yes, this includes the use by Babson departments, groups, and registered student organizations in the ordinary course of conducting Babson business, provided they make no changes to the design or approved colors of Babson’s trademarks and adhere to the logo use guidelines.

Examples include the use of unmodified Babson trademarks on stationery, business cards, reports, brochures, flyers, signage, advertising, webpages, and similar materials, as well as materials used in academic courses. Other exceptions include the use of the Babson name or trademarks in connection with news reporting and other fair uses that do not undermine Babson’s rights to its trademarks.

Who is responsible for the program?

Cheryl Robock, Director, Creative Services oversees the Licensing Program at Babson College.


If you have questions about our brand guidelines or are a Foundations of Management & Entrepreneurship (FME) student seeking approval to use a Babson trademark on an FME project, please contact:

Cheryl Robock
Director, Creative Services

If you have questions about licensing at Babson College, please email