Co-branding with Babson Logos

Babson College logos should be used when partnering with peer academic institutions or corporate partners.

The consistent use of Babson logos in these efforts strengthens the Babson brand and furthers the reach of One Babson. The Primary Babson Wordmark is the preferred logo to represent Babson College.

Corporate and Academic Partners

When positioning Babson with another academic institution or corporate partner, it is preferred to place the Babson College wordmark in the upper third of the document. Add the partner logo at a lower point on the document—not on the same plane as the Babson College wordmark. The Babson College wordmark should be sized equal to or larger than the partner logo. In an instance where a legal agreement or design specifications require that the Babson College wordmark appear on the same plane as the partner logo, size both logos equally and place the Babson College wordmark to the left, with safe space allowed.

Multiple Babson Divisions or Departments

When messaging or sponsorship comes from several divisions or centers, use the Babson College wordmark or Babson College Arthur M. Blank School for Entrepreneurial Leadership wordmark (not a combination of multiple wordmarks). Promote the relationship of the individual divisions or centers as text. For example, Babson College wordmark with text added in layout: “This event is sponsored by The Lewis Institute for Social Innovation and the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership.”

For information and permission to feature the Babson College Logos in external partnerships, please email Cheryl Robock.