Approving and Publishing

These directions are written for the Content Management System (CMS) Site Structure view, not Direct Edit. Access the Site Structure view:

Note about server architecture and how it affects the updating/publishing process: The CMS uses two servers simultaneously—a staging server (which is where the user can make and preview the updates) and a publish server (which is where the updated content is pushed to). All content on the staging server must be Approved before it will be moved to the publish server.

T4 Server Architecture Diagram
Save and Approve

Pre-Publishing Checklist

☑  Approve all content types to be Published in the section (Content tab)

☑  Approve all content types to be Published in the section's child section(s) (if applicable)

☑  Make sure the section Status is set to Approved (General tab)

☑  Make sure the section's child section(s) (if applicable) Status is set to Approved (General tab)

☑  Select Show in Navigation in the Section Options (if applicable) (General tab)

Approving Content Types and Sections

How to Approve Content Types

  1. When you're happy with the preview and the section on the staging server is ready to publish, Edit each Pending content type, and to the right of the blue Save changes button click the white triangle, and select Save and approve.
    Save and Approve Button
    This changes the status of the content type from orange Pending to green Approved (fourth column in the Content tab)
    Green Approved Label
  2. Only the Approved content types will publish, but Pending content types will still be previewable on the staging server. This is why the publish and staging servers may not always be a 1:1 reflection of each other.
Content  Approve Content

Approving Multiple Content Types

You can Approve all the Pending Content Types that you have access to (and your Permission Levels allow) by using Approve Content, linked from the left navigation in Site Structure view.

  1. In Site Structure view, from the left Menu/Navigation click Content > Approve Content
  2. Some users will have access to lots of Pending Content Types, while some won't—if you have so many Content Types in the list that you can't easily scroll or page through to the ones you want to Approve, you can use the Filter field to narrow them down. An easy way to do that is to just type in the Parent Section Name field(s) until the list just contains the Content Types from the Section you're working with.
    Example: to get to the Content Types in this section you could enter "TERMINALFOUR Training Approving and Publishing" in the Filter field. Or just "Approving" because apparently that word isn't used in any other Sections containing Pending Content Types.
  3. Select the checkboxes to the right of the Content Types you want to Approve, then click Approve, then Approve again in the popup. The Comment field is optional.
Approve Content

How to Approve Sections

  1. When the Content Types in a Section have been Approved (not all the content types need to be Approved—if there are still content types that are Pending it's fine, they just won't be published), open the General tab to make sure the Section Status is set to Approved.
    General Status Section Options

Publishing Approved Sections

How to Publish a Section

  1. To publish an Approved Section, click the blue Publish Section button above the tabs, top right 
    Publish Section Buttons and Tabs
  2. If there isn't a blue Publish Section button displayed, the CMS will still automatically publish all Approved Sections and Content Types at 2 a.m. the following morning (it's scheduled to run a full Channel Publish every morning). If you don't see a blue Publish Section button displayed and your role in the organization necessitates the ability to publish on demand, please go to, click the Submit Request button and fill out the form to request that your permission level be increased.

Publishing Order

When publishing one Section at a time, always publish Child Sections before Parent Sections.

Publishing Multiple Sections

You can publish Approved Parent and Child Sections at the same time using Publish Branch, in the Site Structure view. A Branch (as in a family tree or an org chart) consists of a Parent section and all subsequent Child Sections/descendants.

  1. In the Site Structure view, in the Parent Section's row, open the blue Actions menu
  2. Select Publish Branch to publish the Parent section, and all descendant Sections under the Parent
    Publish Branch
  3. If you don't see the Publish Branch menu item displayed and your role in the organization necessitates the ability to publish on demand, please go to, click the Submit Request button and fill out the form to request that your permission level be increased.