Everyone who writes content on behalf of Babson College represents both its reputation and its reality. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are essential, but so are tone, structure, and content. These messaging guidelines ensure the consistency and appropriateness of Babson’s written and spoken voice.

Copy should be consistent, clear, and appropriate for your target audience; it should clarify the unique value of Babson College. It should demonstrate One Babson through useful, usable information, whether original or curated from other sources. For specific style guidelines, refer to Babson’s Editorial Style Guide.

Babson College Word and Phrase Bank

Business as usual / Unifiers / Bigger than business / Diverse / Inclusive / Global / Empowered / Immersed / Spirit / Torchbearer

Babson Brand Attributes

Core Tactics

Future-focused communications.

We center our message on possibility and purpose. We position communications around the intentions and ambitions of our key audiences and highlight the parts of our offer that will help them drive toward their goals.

Positive language.

We’re patient, kind, and know that our guidance pays dividends to those with whom we interact. So we use language with positive connotations to imbue every communication with buoyancy. Short and honest stories. We craft succinct anecdotes to drive home outcomes that are often positive, and always honest . Because we know that by illustrating others’ experiences and successes, we can bolster goals and inspire new ones.

Personable Tactic

Write rhythmically.

We vary sentence word count, punctuating detailed sentences with short, crisp lines—or even a single word—to keep audiences engaged. We use our ear to ensure there’s a flow and apace to our writing.

Professional Tactic

Deliberate doers.

We are committed to creating a brighter tomorrow with audiences and use ambitious yet pragmatic language to make it happen.

Core Tactics

Definitive and concrete language.

We build our messaging (and our metaphors) around real and concrete ideas. While we craft compelling copy through details, we are definitive in our word choice, because we know that straightforward language affirms our purpose.

Uncover the benefit.

We highlight powerful benefits to our audiences, tapping into our insights to deliver meaningful information and resources to readers. We consider both the “what” – a particular capability that sets our institution apart; and the ”how” – precisely how that capability will help audiences reach their goals.

Entirely accurate.

It’s essential to us that we substantiate what we say. We root our claims in truth. Because we believe facts and figures don’t limit potential – they enable it, while ensuring that we remain credible.

Personable Tactic

Meeting audiences on their journey.

Our audiences are comprised of all backgrounds, and have varied ambitions. Whenever possible, we employ details that relate to the vast and global spectrum of entrepreneurs learners and entrepreneurial goals.

Professional Tactic

Every goal is structured to get equal gravity.

We help each of our audiences achieve their best, their way. We organize information through parallel structures and comparisons in order to give big and small goals equal weight.

Core Tactics

Real words only.

We use words that are specific to our entrepreneurial expertise and spirit, while avoiding buzzwords and underwhelming adjectives like ‘very’ and ‘really’.

Organize communications thoughtfully.

We are mindful about arranging content in a streamlined – and, depending on the type of communication, scannable – way. We make sure that the most important information is clear and easily accessible. 

Focus on “firsts”. 

We’re trailblazers in entrepreneurship, and our reputation for “firsts” – both in our achievements, and in our rankings – underscores our ingenuity. When possible, we highlight our commitment to creating the next series of “firsts” that will drive Babson – and all our constituents – forward.

Personable Tactic

Elevated understanding.

We know that a marker of intelligence is being able to convey complex concepts in simple ways. And that’s an ability we pride ourselves on. We offer clear, concise explanations, and give moments of pause to ensure understanding. Above all, we make everyone feel empowered by their own intelligence and experience.

Professional Tactic

Minding the legacy-to-future ratio.

We know that having a strong legacy doesn’t limit our ability to innovate – it enhances it. Even so, we know the best is yet to come. So we have a bias for talking about our future, while selectively citing achievements from our past.

Core Tactics

Assured, inclusive leaders.

We have the confidence to stand by our bold, informed point of view, and the diverse experience that makes our perspective applicable inclusive to all. We have absolute trust in our voice, particularly when discussing a unique capability or area of expertise.

Headlines that grab readers and pull them in.

We use bold, concise headlines that express our sense of conviction and commitment.

End with a bang.

We close sections and statements with big ideas. We want readers to feel the weight of our message – and have an eagerness for what they might do next, and how they might do it at Babson.

Personable Tactic

Write musically.

When warranted, we use alliteration – and occasionally, assonance or even rhyming – to emphasize our creativity and make our words memorable.

Professional Tactic

Begin with “Because”.

We occasionally begin sentences with “Because”. Our reason is not simply for originality, but to underscore why we do what we do. It positions us as the holder of answers, while subtly suggesting we’re not afraid to break with certain norms.