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The Babson College Marketing team consists of agile, creative, and seasoned industry professionals.


Kerry Salerno - Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
James Regal - Senior Director, Marketing Operations
Robin Staley - Senior Director, Marketing Enrollment Strategy
Cheryl Robock - Director, Creative Services
Kristina Feasey - Associate Director, Strategic Marketing and Business Operations/Agile Champion
Kim Mills - Assistant to the VP/CMO and Marketing Administrator

Marketing Enrollment Strategy

Ann Marie Carmichael - Manager, Graduate Enrollment Marketing
Hannah Erb
- Senior Email Marketing Specialist
Kathy Goldberg - Associate Director, Digital and Brand Marketing
Christina Tyler - Digital Marketing Specialist
Wendy Witt - Manager, Undergraduate Enrollment Marketing

Creative Services

Cathy Cahill - Senior Visual Designer
Anne Dauchy - Senior Visual Designer
Svetlin Bardarov - Senior Visual Designer
James Kiley - Senior Editor
Marissa Langdon - Visual Designer

Communications Strategy

Eric Beato - Editorial Director
Sarah Coppinger - Senior Manager, Content Marketing (Graduate)
John Crawford - Senior Journalist
Paul DeWolf - Associate Director, Multimedia
Bryan Lipiner - Digital Content Specialist
Francis Ma - Director of Content Strategy
Maggie McGinnis - Multimedia Producer
Melissa Savignano - Manager, Content Marketing (Undergraduate)

Marketing Operations

Christopher Brown - Interactive Design Specialist
Adam Pearlman - Interactive Web Development Specialist
Wendy Schoenfeld - Business Analyst

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