LCD Screens

There are a number of LCD screens in various buildings around campus. In order to have information posted on these screens, you need to do the following:

  1. Save your PowerPoint as a .jpg with the take-down date at the end. (e.g., Topic_MM_DD_YY.jpg = LCDGuidelines_03_24_21.jpg)
  2. .JPG files for LCD postings are due to the various LCD mangers (see listing below)
LCD Location Contact
Horn Library Jane Vecchi
Olin Graduate School Olin Screen Submissions
Gerber, Hollister, Horn Lobby, Park Manor West, Reynolds, Tomasso, BRAC, and Trim
Babson Executive Conference Center Alicia Dovale
Babson classroom in Boston Innovation District

Best Practices

  1. Use a wide screen PowerPoint to build your LCD Screen .jpg file or download a pre-made template.
  2. Review Babson brand guidelines, download logos and images from the Graphics, Icons and Templates section
  3. Use photos to enhance your slide
  4. Use simple and short messages:
    • The slide is only up on the screen for 10 seconds (think of the slide as a billboard)
    • No long URLs—your audience cannot click the URL and must type the URL in a browser. If your call to action is a URL, push people to the Hub or department pages and list the link there
  5. Remember your audience