Production Timelines

Are you curious about how far in advance you should plan your projects?

Take a look below to find estimated production timelines for projects ranging from brochures to postcards to multimedia productions.

These production time frames are estimates. Projects may take less or more time depending on the current marketing project queue. Babson staff and faculty may view our current project list at


Print time allotted depends on production method. A smaller quantity or less complex project printed at Canon Copy Center can take 1-2 days for actual print time. Larger quantity or more complex projects printed with an outside, offset printer can take 2-4 weeks.
Award/Plaque/Trophy 6-8 weeks
Brochure Design and Copy (new) 14-18 weeks
Brochure Design Only (new) 7-9 weeks
Brochure (update existing) 5-7 weeks
Campaign Concepts 4-6 weeks
Certificates 3-5 weeks
Copywriting/Copy Editing 1-2 weeks
Custom Giveaway Items 5-7 weeks
Event Program 5-8 weeks
Flyer/Datasheet (new) 3-5 weeks
Flyer/Datasheet (update existing) 2-3 weeks
Folder/Certificate Holder (to order, email John Hunter at Shea Brothers, Inc. printer) 2-3 weeks
Identity (for larger institutional initiatives) 3-5 weeks
Invitation (new) 6-8 weeks
Invitation (update existing) 2-4 weeks
Letterhead 2-3 weeks
Postcard 4-6 weeks
Posters/Banners 3-5 weeks
T-shirt (design and print) 3-5 weeks
Table Covers 2-4 weeks
Variable Data Mailer 8-10 weeks


Animation Production 12-16 weeks
Audio Editing Up to 1 week
Interactive HTML5 Production 10-14 weeks
Interview (multiperson) 2-3 weeks
Interview (single person) 1-2 weeks
Video (event footage multicamera edit) 2-3 weeks
Video (fully produced marketing) 8-12 weeks
Video Slideshow 2-4 weeks
Voice Recording Up to 1 week


Blog (new) 4-6 weeks
Copywriting/Copy Editing 1-2 weeks
Email Send (existing template) 3-4 weeks
Email Template (custom design build) 5-7 weeks
Flickr Photo Album 1-2 weeks
Photo Ingestion 1-2 weeks
Photo Request (existing) Up to 1 week
Social Media Account (new) 2-4 weeks
Social Media Event Promotion 1-2 weeks
Social Media (Organic) 2 weeks
Social Media (Paid) 2-3 weeks
Web Page/Microsite/Subsite 4-8 weeks
Website Analytics 2-3 weeks
Website Graphic/Header Design 3-6 weeks
Website Functionality (new) 6-8 weeks
Website Functionality (update existing) 2-3 weeks
Website Rearchitecture 4-6 weeks
Web Form (new) 4-6 weeks
Formatting/Style Issue 3-5 business days
New User Permissions (blog or website) 3-5 business days
Vanity, Short URL 2-3 business days
Website Bug (critical) 1-2 business days
Website Bug (noncritical) 7-10 business days
Website Content Update 7-10 business days