Content Types


General Content Block (AGW, Portal)
Table of Contents
Accordion Stackable + Accordion Filter (AGW, Portal)
Accordion Wrapper + Accordion Item
Block List (AGW, Portal)
Related News (AGW)
Jumbotron (AGW, Portal)
Quote (AGW, Portal)
Custom Button (AGW, Portal)
Connect With Us (AGW)
Event Box (AGW)
Image (AGW, Portal)
Image Carousel (AGW, Portal)
Related Links (AGW)
Code (AGW, Portal)
At-A-Glance (AGW, Portal)
Tabbed Content Wrapper + Tabbed Content Item (Portal)
Two Column Content
General Content (AGW) - phasing out
Grid Item - phasing out
Grid Item - Image Link w/Border - phasing out
Grid Item - General Content - phasing out
Grid Item - Profile - phasing out
Grid Wrapper with padding - phasing out

Cards + Filters

Navigation Card (AGW)
Card - Simple (AGW, Portal)
Aside Card (AGW)
Card Slider Wrapper + Card Slider Card (AGW, Portal)
Differentiator Wrapper + Differentiator Card
Expert (AGW)
Testimonial (AGW)
Thought and Action (AGW)
Alumni Volunteer Card (AGW)
Alumni Volunteer Filter (AGW)
Interest Group Card (AGW)
Alumni Group Filter (AGW)
Alumni Staff Cards + Filter (AGW)
Business Card (AGW)
Alumni Marketplace Filter


CTA Inline Groups (AGW, Portal)
CTA Group (AGW, Portal)
Alumni Marketplace CTA Section (AGW)
Alumni Marketplace - Main CTA (AGW)
Call to Action - Flex (BETA)
Call to Actions - Inner pages
Call to Actions - Table
Call to Actions - With Border
Call to Actions - With Background

Headers + Footers

Hero CTA Combo (Portal)
Carousel Slider (Content Card)
Page Header Image (with CTA Group) (Portal)
Video Hero (Portal)
Section Header (Portal)
Section Header ─ Carousel
Capital Markets Hero Block
CTA Group (in Footer)
Juicer (in Footer)
Form Assembly Form Wrapper


Special Graphics

Event Series (Portal)
Upcoming Events
Special Event: Next Series Event (AGW)
Curriculum (AGW)


Form Assembly (AGW)
Form Assembly Form Wrapper (in footer)


Homepage Slider (Content Card)
Announcement (Content Card)
News Item (Content Card)
Audience feature (Content Card)
Content Card (default Content Card)

Posts + Categories

Course (html/course-item)
Graduate Course Wrapper
Undergraduate Course Wrapper
Events Feed - By Category Show 5
Events Feed - By Category Show 500 With Pagination
Annc Feed - By Category Show 5000 With Pagination
RSS Feed
Faculty Profiles
Faculty Profiles Filter
Faculty Profiles By Division Filter
Entrepreneur Profile
Exec Ed Shopping Cart
Exec Ed Shopping Cart Item
Grad Programs Shopping Cart Item
Grad Programs Shopping Cart
Insights (Insights + Wrapper)
News + News Wrapper
Emergency Preparedness Feed

Not Global Yet

Capital Markets Progress Report
Capital Markets Landing Hero


Portal Main Hero Item
Portal Accordion
Portal Grid Wrapper
Portal Feed
Portal Homepage Events