Posts and Categories

Content Types placed in the Global Header for EDU and Global Header on Internal

  • Emergency Preparedness Feed
  • Header alert
Image of Rave alert

Babson Announcements is displayed on a Page Layout Inner 2 Column (News Listings)

Babson Announcements page displays Feed of News items using the Content Types

  • Annc Feed - By Category Show 5000 With Pagination

Each specific Announcement page displays one Content Type

  • News
Babson Announcement feed
News content type

The Course Catalog Course Over Feed is brought into the new Course Catalog Module.

Usually show up like this:

Course Number  Course Name
Info on Previous Name or Other Info
Number of Credits

Italic text about requirementsor prerequisites

Course Overview description text


For purposes of the Course Catalog Module, we are hiding the first section (first three lines in the above example) because it is duplicate information. Most Course Overviews use this structure, so all Bold text within a paragraph tag will be hidden.

<p><b>Course Number  Course Name<br>
    Info on Previous Name or Other Info<br>
    Number of Credits</b>
<i><b>If you took and passed MOB9526, you cannot register for OIM9526, as these two courses are equivalent</b></i>
<p>extra space</p>
<p>Course Overview body text</p>