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Transfer To Babson

If you are coming to Babson as a new international student from another U.S. high school, college/university or language program you will likely need to transfer your immigration record to Babson. You may be eligible for a SEVIS/immigration transfer if you have valid F-1 immigration status (Active status) and:

  • Are studying at a U.S. institution and are planning on changing schools; or
  • Completed or will complete a program at a U.S. institution and have been accepted to Babson to begin a new program within five months of your prior program end date; or
  • Completed a program at a U.S. institution and are currently pursuing Optional Practical Training (OPT), but will start a new degree program at Babson either before your OPT ends or within five months of your OPT end date.

In addition to the steps outlined on The Student Visa Process page, students currently attending a U.S. school in F-1 status must have their SEVIS record transferred electronically to Babson. 

SEVIS Immigration Transfer Steps:

1. Confirm Decision to attend Babson

Notify the school you are currently attending of your acceptance and intent to transfer to Babson College. Pay your Babson first deposit and review information found at

2. Request Babson Form I-20

When you submit Babson's Form I-20 Request you will be asked to provide the name and email address of a Designated School Official (DSO)* at your current school.  Your DSO will confirm eligibility for the transfer of your SEVIS record and release the record to Babson. Babson does not have a paper form to complete. Everything will be communicated between your current school advisor/DSO and Babson ISSS through email.

* If you are unsure which DSO's information to provide, please call your international student advisor and/or international admission counselor and ask them for help.  

SEVIS School Codes:

  • Babson College Main Campus (Wellesley, MA): BOS214F00030000
  • Babson Miami Campus (Miami, FL): BOS214F00030003

3. Receive New "Transfer Pending" Babson Form I-20

Once your Form I-20 Request is complete, you will receive a new Babson-issued Form I-20 with the notation, "transfer-pending".  While you may choose to remain in the U.S., you will need to use this new Form I-20 for any international travel before the start of the Babson program.   

4. Check-in during Babson Orientation

You are required to attend a mandatory immigration session during Orientation to review information specific to being an international student at Babson and must ensure that you check-in with the Glavin Office with your original immigration documents within 15 days of the start date indicated on your Babson Form I-20.

5. Receive Updated Babson Form I-20 

The Glavin Office will register you in the SEVIS system and issue you a second Babson Form I-20 with the notation, “continued attendance” within the first few weeks. Use this new Form I-20 (with updated travel signature) for future international travel.  

Important Considerations:

  • Your current International Student Advisor can only transfer your SEVIS record to one school.
  • Transferring your SEVIS record during a period of authorized Optional Practical Training (OPT) will end your OPT on the release date.
  • You can continue to use your existing F-1 visa for as long as it is valid since your SEVIS ID will not change.
  • You must use your most current Form I-20, issued by Babson for travel and re-entry into the U.S. in between programs. 
  • It is important to keep all previously-issued Form I-20s from any U.S. school you attended for your personal records as they may be needed in the future.