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Transfer To Babson

In addition to the steps outlined on The Student Visa Process page, students currently attending a U.S. school in F-1 status must have their SEVIS record transferred electronically to Babson. 

Transfer Steps:

1. Confirm Decision to attend Babson

Notify the school you are currently attending of your acceptance and intent to transfer to Babson College.

2. Request Babson Form I-20

When you submit the Form I-20 Request from Babson, you will be asked to provide the name and email address of a Designated School Official (DSO)* at your current school.  Your DSO will confirm eligibility for the transfer of your SEVIS record and release the record to Babson. Babson does not have a form to complete as everything gets transmitted between your current school advisor and Babson ISSS through email.

* If you are unsure which DSO's information to provide, please call your international student advisor and/or international admission counselor and ask them for help.  

3. Receive Initial Babson I-20

Once your Form I-20 Request is complete, you will receive a new Babson-issued Form I-20 with the notation, "transfer-pending".  Use this Form I-20 for future international travel.   

4. Check-in during Babson Orientation

You are required to attend a mandatory immigration session during Orientation to review information specific to being an international student at Babson and must ensure that you check-in with the Glavin Office with your original immigration documents within 15 days of the start date indicated on your Babson Form I-20.

5. Receive Updated Babson I-20 

The Glavin Office will register you in the SEVIS system and issue you a second Babson Form I-20 with the notation, “continued attendance” within the first few weeks. Use this new Form I-20 (with updated travel signature) for future international travel.  

Important Considerations:

  • Your current International Student Advisor can only transfer your SEVIS record to one school.
  • Transferring your SEVIS record during a period of authorized Optional Practical Training (OPT) will end your OPT on the release date.
  • You can continue to use your existing F-1 visa for as long as it is valid since your SEVIS ID will not change.
  • You must use your most current Form I-20, issued by the new school for travel and re-entry into the U.S. in between programs. 
  • Keep all previously-issued Form I-20s for your personal records as they may be needed in the future.