Babson Service Immersion Trips Administrator Opportunity


Each academic year, the Institute for Social Innovation offers four Service Immersion trips, two during winter break and two during spring break. These trips are open to both undergraduate and graduate students. The mission of the service immersion trips is to provide Babson students with opportunities to engage in intensive service experiences with communities in need during campus breaks, and through reflective activities, promote civic engagement, leadership development, and appreciation of diversity. The program challenges students to participate in an extended and intensive service experience during the college’s winter and spring breaks. These experiential learning opportunities help students develop a sense of personal identity and community, as well as an understanding of important societal issues, while helping others who are in need of assistance. Each trip provides the opportunity to meet new people, visit new places, and learn new skills. Service Immersion can be a very rewarding, and sometimes, life changing experience. For more information about Service Immersion programs, visit the Service Immersion website.

In order to ensure the highest standards of risk management on these trips, Babson sends two service immersion administrators on each trip: one lead staff member who would have service immersion experience usually an Institute for Social Innovation team member and a second co-trip leader. The lead staff member is pre-selected by the Institute for Social Innovation. The second is a co-trip leader who applies through the application process and is selected to support the trip leader. Service immersion administrators are generally full-time administrators or faculty members at the college. The administrator’s role is to be a co-trip leader by providing logistical support, being knowledgeable about Babson policies and procedures, and being available for managing emergencies. A key role of the administrator is to assist in the event of a student illness or emergency. In this role, the administrator is expected to participate in the service project whether it be building homes with Habitat for Humanity or teaching entrepreneurship in Tanzania.

The Opportunity

We are pleased that you are interested in pursuing the opportunity to be a Service Immersion administrator. The role as administrator is both challenging and rewarding, as well as an opportunity to develop professionally and personally. There are four steps you should complete as you consider whether this opportunity is right for you:

  1. Review the administrator qualifications, responsibilities, compensation, and selection process below
  2. Speak with your manager
  3. Review trips offered
  4. Complete the interest form


The Service Immersion Administrator should have the following qualifications:

  • Full-time Babson employee
  • Has received approval from their direct supervisor to participate in a Service Immersion trip as an added component to their workload
  • Experience leading groups of undergraduate or graduate students and managing group dynamics and expectations
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and make decisions in stressful situations
  • Ability to be flexible, work as part of a team, and exercise fiscal responsibility
  • A desire to promote international education
  • Available to work evenings and weekends and travel internationally for one week (unaccompanied by partner and/or children)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Exempt Babson full-time employee (Non-exempt employees will be considered with approval from supervising department.)
  • Prior experience leading student groups abroad
  • Experience traveling internationally


The Service Immersion Trip Administrator is responsible for the following:

Pre-Trip Meetings

  • Attending all pre-trip meetings
  • Setting expectations for the group during the pre-trip meetings
  • Collecting student domestic and international phone information

Preparation for International Travel

  • Completing all necessary online forms by the deadline
  • Understanding the responsibilities of and fully supporting the trip leader
  • Attending all meetings with program manager and provider (if applicable) prior to departure to review important logistical matters and health and safety information
  • Preparing for travel through self-education on country culture, facts, basic language, etc.

Health & Safety

  • Participating in one mandatory International Travel Workshop
  • Becoming knowledgeable about Babson Emergency Protocols

Trip Activities

  • Being present and participating in all trip-related activities
  • Engaging students in informal and formal conversations and encouraging reflection about trip experience and culture
  • Ensuring students are meeting group expectations established during pre-trip meeting

Trip Logistics

  • Carrying and managing thank you gifts, handling payments and gratuities at group events, and distributing materials (as needed)
  • Addressing travel logistics (in country) for the group, including resolution of issues as they occur “on the ground”
  • Acting as the “point person” to the program manager for travel, logistics, and trip updates

Health & Safety

  • Handling any emergency or disciplinary issues that may arise in a professional manner and in collaboration with the team leader and program manager (as needed)
  • Maintaining regular communication with program manager

Budgeting & Financial Management

  • Keeping track of all expenses incurred during the program

Evaluation & Assessment

  • Meeting with the program manager, faculty, and provider (if applicable) to debrief the trip
  • Participates in trip wrap-up session (if applicable)

Budgeting & Financial Management

  • Following Babson policies and procedures for submitting expense reports and allocating PCard expenses by the deadline (PCards: 25th of the month, Expense Reports: two weeks from course end date)


  • Acting as a representative of Babson College and as such following the College’s expectations for professional conduct during all aspects of the course
  • Partnering with the Glavin Office and the Institute for Social Innovation to share experience with the Babson College community after the trip


The administrator receives full travel expense coverage for all trip-related expenses. There is no additional compensation for the administrator as their involvement in the Service Immersion trip is considered by the College to be a professional development activity.

Application & Selection Process

All interested administrators must complete the above steps including the interest form in order to be considered for this role.

Application & Selection Process Timeline

Date Event/Deadline
Year Round

Service Immersion Trip Administrator Interest Form Opens & Forms are Reviewed on a Rolling Basis

June- October  Administrator Placement Sent