Babson Electives Abroad Eligibility

Who is eligible?

All MBA students who have completed 12 credits and are in good academic standing prior to course travel are eligible to participate in a short-term education abroad experience. Individual courses may have prerequisites. Visit the course offerings page to learn more about individual course requirements.

Considering a summer session course?

Talk to your Academic Advisor about saving credits and the implications for international students. Students are not eligible to take an elective abroad after they have completed their degree requirements and have graduated.

Am I eligible as a student enrolled in the Certificate in Advanced Management (CAM)?

CAM students are eligible to enroll in an Elective Abroad if they meet the following criteria:

  • Student must have earned an MBA
  • Student must have completed at least 6 credits in CAM
  • Student may only take one elective abroad course
  • The CAM student cannot displace MBA students (i.e. if there a waitlist, preference would be for MBA students)

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please email the Glavin Office of International Education or call 781-239-4565.