What I like most about Babson's elective abroad program is that it helps me spend my time to the fullest and brings me closer to my peers and the professor. It is insane that we got to know local companies, entrepreneurs, and the culture of an entirely foreign nation in just a week.
Xinru Lu '25
Spain Elective Abroad, Spring 2023
It was a novel experience, and I only wish I had done something like this sooner. I never thought I was much of a traveler, but learning and growing with students and faculty in another country was something I wish I could share over and over again.
Caylene Augustin '24
Ireland Elective Abroad, Summer 2023

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Student cooks Japanese curry

Experiential Study Abroad from Home? »

Engineered by Associate Professor Yasuhiro Yamakawa, EPS Made in Japan: Culture & Opportunities offered a glimpse into Japanese culture, allowing students such as Ryan Wilson ’23 to study abroad, even from home.