Preparing To Go

Preparing to study abroad can be exciting and overwhelming. Please review the important must-do’s to ensure a successful academic year, semester, and summer abroad experience.

Academic Planning

You should plan to meet with your Class Dean as you map out your course schedule for your term abroad. Additionally, the courses you plan to take abroad must be evaluated so that the credits will transfer back to Babson.

You can view the list of courses that already have been evaluated at any given program/institution in theEducation Abroad Course Evaluations folder (you must use your Babson Google login to access this folder).

Travel Documents

You are responsible for researching and obtaining all required entry documents including passports and visas for your host country. Your passport must be valid for more than six months past the end date of your program.

You can find information on entry and visa requirements on the host country embassy or consulate website.

Summer Abroad

Depending on your nationality, the location and duration of program, you may or may not need a student or tourist visa for your summer abroad program. Consult the entry information on the embassy or consulate website for the host country.

Semester and Academic Year Abroad

Most likely you will need to obtain a student visa for a semester or academic year abroad. Planning ahead is essential as it may take a long time to process a student visa. If you have to apply at the consulate in person, you may need an appointment which can book up months in advance.

If you plan to study abroad for consecutive terms in different countries, make sure you have time between terms to obtain the proper visas.

Non-U.S. Students

Make sure your U.S. visa is valid for re-entry and have your I-20 signed with a travel signature. If you have any questions on your U.S. visa status, contact your International Student advisor.