While Abroad

When you are participating in a short-term education abroad or away program, please keep the following in mind:

  • Remember the communication plan you established with family members and/or friends prior to leaving and call, text, or email as planned.
  • Get your bearings. Walk around the neighborhood surrounding your accommodations. Find the closest metro/bus stops.
  • Review the information you researched on local laws, emergency contact numbers, and Babson conduct expectations.
    • NOTE: Remember, you are required to follow the laws of the country in which you are traveling. You also are subject to Babson College’s Community Standards while abroad on a Babson program. While abroad, you are a representative of Babson College and the United States. It is your responsibility to conduct yourself in a mature and respectful manner, respecting the culture and laws of your host country and the countries in which you are traveling.
  • Pay attention and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Prepare for company and cultural visits, ask lots of questions, and most important, take time to listen.
  • Use your free time well and think about your objectives for your abroad experience. Remember to take time to rest, visit museums, try new foods, and meet local people.
  • Explore in pairs or groups, never leave anyone behind, and always make sure someone knows where you’re going.
  • Utilize the phrases you learned in the local language prior to your arrival, and try to add a new phrase or two each day while in country.
  • Limit your use of technology to connect with those back home. Be present and experience as much as you can in real time.