Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Elective Abroad?

Babson Electives Abroad are short-term courses that combine classroom instruction on the Babson campus with company site visits, cultural excursions, and hands-on experiences abroad. Led by Babson faculty, these courses also include in-country lectures given by partner school faculty and distinguished guest speakers. The academic content for these courses is diverse and specialized, ranging from doing business in Brazil to exploring Hong Kong's entrepreneurial ecosystems. These elective courses are offered to students during academic breaks in January, March, and May.

What are the requirements for Elective Abroad?

After you have identified the courses of interest, you can check if there are any prerequisites by visiting the individual course brochures pages.

How is the course offering determined?

Courses are designed by faculty. The topics covered and places visited are based on the faculty area of interest and expertise, student demand, and student feedback from past courses. The course offerings are reviewed each year to offer the best and most interesting courses possible. The Glavin Office is responsible for the marketing and delivery of the courses offered.

Who can participate in an Elective Abroad?

For more information, check the Eligibility Requirements page and any prerequisites on the individual course brochure pages.

Do I need to know the local language to participate in an Elective Abroad?

No. All classes and site visits are conducted in English, however it is advised that you learn some basic phrases before the travel portion of the course. Visit our Resources page to access the Mango Languages resource offered free through the Babson Horn Library.

How do I apply for an Elective Abroad?

Visit the Application Process page to learn more about the application timelines, the application process, the selection process, the commitment process, and enrolling in an Elective Abroad.

Can I apply for more than one Elective Abroad?

Yes, you can apply to more than one course, however we do ask that you only apply to courses for which you are ready and able to commit, as your lack of commitment may take the opportunity away for another student.

Does it matter when in the application process I apply for a course?

Yes. Applications will be reviewed in two phases: (1) following the initial application deadline and (2) throughout the rolling application phase. Students are encouraged to apply before the initial application deadline. Following the initial application deadline, if more students apply for a course than the course maximum, each student will be assigned a random lottery number. Students with lottery numbers up to the course maximum will be accepted to the course. Students with lottery numbers beyond the course maximum will be placed on an ordered waitlist. For more information, visit the Application Process page.

How do I register for an Elective Abroad, once I have been accepted and have made my deposit?

The Glavin Office will register you for the Elective Abroad once all required acceptance materials have been completed and final payments have been made to Glavin Office.

Into which Academic Session will the Elective Abroad be registered? Can an Elective Abroad be registered in another session than it occurs?

Registration for all Electives Abroad is done by the Glavin Office. Go to the brochure page to check which session the course will run (winter, spring, summer). 

Do I need a passport/visa?

In order to travel on an Elective Abroad, your passport must meet the following three conditions:

  1. Valid for 6 months after the return date of my travel
  2. Has two blank pages available
  3. Has the same name that you will use for your air ticket purchase/confirmation

If your passport does not meet the above requirements, you should apply for a new passport ASAP.

It is the responsibility of each student to secure their own passport as visa, as well as any transit visas (if applicable) for an Elective Abroad. It is expected that the student will familiarize themselves with all passport and visa requirements before registering for any Elective Abroad. No refunds will be given due to passport- or visa-related issues. The Glavin Office will provide travel-specific information to assist students in completing their visa application upon student request. The most updated information should be obtained through the destination country’s consulate office. Given the number of course participants, the Glavin Office is unable to process student visa applications.

What if my passport is expired when I apply?

If your passport does not meet the above requirements, you should apply for a new passport ASAP.

In your application, you will be asked to verify the above three conditions and submit a copy of your passport. If your passport does not meet the above conditions, please select “NO” on your passport form and contact the Glavin Office at +1 781-239-4565 once you have received your new/renewed passport to enter the passport information. You cannot travel with the course if this information is not received by the Glavin Office.

Can I have a single room on the course?

Yes. The program fee is typically based on housing students with a roommate in a double room. If the program allows for single rooms (most do) a single supplement fee will be included on the course brochure page. You will be provided an opportunity to choose a roommate or a single room before hotel accommodations are finalized by the program manager. The single supplement fee will be charged in addition to your program fee balance.

Can I stay with family or friends or find my own housing in the destination country during the course?

No. The Electives Abroad are academic courses and due to the complexities in managing the group abroad, all students must stay in the course accommodations.

May I bring my spouse / partner / relative / friend on the course?

No. The Electives Abroad are intensive academic programs and cannot accommodate additional, non-course participants.

How is the program fee determined for each course?

Costs vary for each course. The amount charged to students is based on the total costs incurred by Babson for running the course. Note that the program fee is fixed, and it is not possible to offer a la carte pricing for different components of the course.

What is covered by the program fee?

The program fee for all courses includes: local accommodations, internal travel, local transfers, program meals, and excursions. Not all meals and personal expenses are covered. Due to the complexities of managing group travel, the Glavin Office uses group bookings whenever possible (i.e. hotels, flights, internal transportation). Students do not have the option of making their own internal transportation (flight, train, bus) arrangements. The faculty flight, accommodation, and daily expenses are included in the program fee charged to students. In some instances, these costs may be subsidized by grants, academic division budgets, or outside gifts.

What is not covered by the program fee?

Fees do not cover tuition, international flights (to/from U.S. – unless there is a required group flight), student meals (unless specified in the itinerary), entrance fees on cultural visits not included on the itinerary, charges for phone calls/internet use, or any other services not specifically included in the itinerary.

Are there grants or scholarships available to cover the cost of the program fee?

For more information on grants, scholarships, and financial aid to assist with these expenses, contact your SFS advisor or visit the Financing Your Education Abroad page.

How does my financial aid package affect my expenses on an Elective Abroad?

You should contact your SFS advisor to learn more about their grants, scholarships, and financial aid packages and how they can reduce expenses.

How do I arrange for payments through my employer if they are paying for the course?

The Glavin Office will send students a receipt of full payment that can be submitted to your employer for reimbursement of the program fee. Contact your Electives Abroad program manager to discuss specific employer requirements for submission. Reimbursement for course tuition can be handled directly through Student Financial Services.